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As most health and wellness professionals are aware, positive changes in health, body composition, and performance are elicited most effectively when individually tailored exercise programs are combined with personalized meal plans.  Unfortunately, many states have enacted strict laws prohibiting anyone other than appropriately credentialed allied health care professionals (i.e. dietitians, M.D.’s, D.O.’s, etc.) from designing and distributing diets. Such legislation often leads a considerable number of personal trainers and strength coaches to avoid discussing important nutritional concepts with their clients for fear of litigation.  This adverse reality often leads to frustrated clients who experience less than optimal results, and equally frustrated health and wellness professionals who suddenly find themselves struggling to find and retain new clients.

To make matters worse, many healthcare providers capable of creating diets regularly endure a similar sense of dissatisfaction.  Not only is the process of writing meal plans time consuming and tiring, but also tedious and stressful—so much in fact, that many dietitians often leave their chosen profession as a result of feeling “burned out.”  In addition, other healthcare providers, such as MD’s, DO’s, and ARNP’s, may struggle to dispense truly effective nutrition advice as a result of their busy, and oftentimes overwhelming schedules. As one can possibly imagine, these circumstances could easily contribute to additional health problems for patients, and more work for already overburdened healthcare professionals.

By investing in Targeted Nutrition Technologies' high-quality, professional software, personal trainers, strength coaches, and allied healthcare providers can save time, reduce stress, increase revenue, and help more clients.  When our cutting edge software is combined with our sleek and aesthetically pleasing custom mobile app, clients can easily access dietitian designed meal plans and individually tailored exercise programs anytime, anywhere.  This greatly simplifies the training process and allows health and wellness professionals to spend more time focussing on coaching their clients, and less time thinking about their fear of litigation.

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Nutrition coaching is comprised of far more than dispensing complex health and wellness programs and expecting clients to adhere to them unconditionally. While this "diagnose, prescribe, and treat" strategy may indeed work for a certain percentage of individuals, it is rarely effective in producing meaningful, long-term changes in most people. The cause for this result is often associated with placing a greater emphasis on the coach’s goals instead of the client’s.

By choosing a "coach-centered" strategy over a "client-centered" one, the patron is effectively removed from the decision-making process and is therefore unlikely to follow his or her program. Conversely, a program that encourages clients to create their own goals and empowers them with the autonomy to pursue them in whatever manner they see fit, generally leads to far greater adherence and long-term changes.

To help clients identify these goals and break them down into smaller ones that are more personally meaningful and easy to manage, Targeted Nutrition Technologies utilizes scientifically designed, evidence-based coaching programs that emphasize behavioral change, proper technique, and the consistent completion of strategic daily habits.

One of these programs is a habit-based health and wellness curriculum that gradually progresses over the course of a year. While most people will certainly benefit from participating in this program, it is particularly advantageous for those with no prior knowledge of exercise or nutrition, novice and beginner-intermediate level recreational strength athletes, and those wanting to lose weight by improving both their eating and lifestyle habits.

For those who have more specific goals or desire greater contact with their coach, Targeted Nutrition Technologies also offers individualized, one-on-one, premium level coaching. Not only is this program the perfect choice for anyone wanting a more


customized experience, but also for those with previous knowledge of exercise and nutrition, intermediate and advanced level recreational strength athletes, and those interested in bodybuilding and sport-based activities.

But what about those who don't want a coach?  What about people who just want access to the same great meal plans and exercise programs, but without the added help?  For such individuals, Targeted Nutrition Technologies has created a "do-it-yourself" fitness program.  This option allows independent and highly motivated clients to take full control of their health and wellness programs and customize them to meet their individual needs.

At Targeted Nutrition Technologies, it is the client who is the master of his or her destiny—not the coach. To find out more, click below.


You will not, of course, be alone in your journey to improving either your business or well-being. Those who subscribe to our software or sign up for our DIY Fitness Program will receive ongoing technical support whenever and wherever they need it. Patrons of our habit based and premium coaching programs will also receive email and instant messaging support, as well as video coaching for those who choose the latter curriculum.

Unlike other fitness companies who put their own interests ahead of their clients’, Targeted Nutrition Technologies puts its customers first. Thanks to our easy-to-use, cutting edge mobile app and our expert technical support, professionals in both the allied healthcare and health and wellness fields can now spend more time focusing on their clients instead of worrying about unreliable software and customer service related problems.

Those who sign up for the habit-based and premium coaching programs can also rest assured as they will regularly receive habit-driven, client-centered, evidence-based, behavioral-change strategies in conjunction with safe and effective exercise plans designed to elicit positive adaptations. Unrealistic demands, impossible expectations, and boring programs are replaced with powerful and deeply meaningful practices that help clients overcome limiting factors and achieve their goals.