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After successfully earning my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2008, I immediately began working as a personal trainer for the YMCA in my hometown of Auburn, Washington. Since that time, I have continued to acquire the skills and education necessary to help health and wellness professionals improve their businesses, and individuals of varying backgrounds achieve positive and sustainable changes in health, body composition, and performance.

In 2010, I graduated from the Arizona School of Health Sciences with a Master of Science in Human Movement, and corrective exercise and performance enhancement certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  In 2013, I earned my second Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado, and shortly thereafter became registered as a Dietetic Technician, as well as certified by Precision Nutrition as a Level 1 and 2 Coach. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Washington, and a Master of Business Administration in Information Systems from City University of Renton.

In 2017, I formed Targeted Nutrition Technologies to address the unique challenges commonly encountered by both health and wellness professionals seeking to grow their businesses, and by clients desiring meaningful changes in health, body composition, and performance. My educational background and professional experience provides me with not only a special understanding of the particular business needs of personal trainers, strength coaches, and allied healthcare professionals, but also an uncommon ability to help them build a strong online presence through the successful implementation of custom websites and cutting edge nutrition and exercise software. In addition to helping industry experts create superior businesses, I’m also able to help healthy, active, and motivated individuals improve their lifestyles by making food and nutrition suggestions, developing sample menus, sharing educational material from recognized groups, and assisting in the setting of meaningful goals.


It is important to note however, that while I do indeed offer dietitian designed meal plans for special populations, I do not, under any circumstances, diagnose medical conditions or disordered eating, nor do I prescribe medical nutrition therapy to treat either one.  If you are in need of medical nutrition therapy, please seek out a Registered Dietitian or an appropriately qualified healthcare provider (i.e. M.D., D.O., ARNP, etc.).

I look forward to helping personal trainers, strength coaches, and allied healthcare professionals enhance their respective businesses, and to teaching individual clients how to overcome limiting factors and improve their lives through proper nutrition, intelligent training, and evidence-based behavioral change techniques.

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As a human movement and dietetics graduate, I am committed to the improvement of life through the promulgation of scientifically proven research and the application of evidence-based exercise and nutrition methodologies. 

I shall maintain the appropriate professional qualifications, provide adequate program instruction and supervision, ensure a safe learning environment, maintain client and trainer confidentiality, guarantee equal treatment to all demographics, work within my scope of practice, and in no way condone the use of dangerous or illegal substances for the purpose of performance enhancement or the improvement of health or body composition. 

I will strive to ensure the highest level of service at all times through the proper training, education, and motivation of clients, and refer to other professionals when necessary. In no way shall I mislead clients for personal gain, nor shall I act in a manner that is deemed dangerous or unprofessional by published industry standards. 

I shall uphold the highest professional ideals, act in accordance with established criterion, and carry out my duties to the best of my ability for as long as I am employed as a professional member in the strength and conditioning and nutrition industries.

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian

Nell Stephenson, BS

Nutritional Counselor

Suzanne Fisher MS, RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian

Dr Zacharia Reda, MD

Pediatric Medicine

Daniel J. Muppidi, MD

Internal Medicine